About Todd Jeffery

Originally from Northern California, Todd began working at Industrial Light and Magic during his last year of college.  Working in their commercials department on campaigns for Dodge, Gatorade, General Foods, XM Radio, Columbia Records and Budweiser provided an in-depth introduction to all aspects of commercial production, visual effects and the world of advertising.

In 2001 he moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute.  While at AFI he wrote and directed several films, and one of them, Shooter, went on to win several Best Film awards and was purchased by HBO.

Starting as an intern at age 18, Todd has worked in almost every department on set on narrative, commercial and print projects. He loves the creativity and collaboration of production design and his unique breadth of experience greatly benefits the clients and directors he works with.

Recent television projects include HBO’s 7 Days in Hell starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harington and the Will Arnett series Flaked on Netflix.  Feature film highlights include Don Coscarelli’s cult film, John Dies at the End, staring Paul Giamatti, and the indie noir Too Late starring John Hawkes.  Shot on film and comprised of five 20+ minute shots, Too Late received 35mm theatrical release in the spring of 2016.  His newest feature, In Search of Fellini, is set in the world of Federico Fellini.  Starring Maria Bello and Ksenia Solo, the film was shot in Venice, Verona, Milan and Rome and theatrically released September 2017 and now streaming.  Todd just wrapped production on the series, “Miracle Workers,” created by Simon Rich and produced by Lorne Michaels.  The show stars Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi.  Currently in production is season three of IFC’s series “Brockmire” starring Hank Azaria, JK Simmons and Amanda Peet.  Both are set to release early 2019.

COMMERCIAL CLIENTS (partial list) Apple, Marvel, Facebook, HBO, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Nintendo, Cisco Systems, Disney, HP, Miller, Panasonic, Sony, Lancome, Gillette, Budweiser, ABC Mouse

DIRECTORS Jorma Taccone, Barry Jenkins, Taika Waititi, Jake Szymanski, Jacob Lincoln, David Palmer, Ryan Koo, AB/CD/CD, Brad Baruh, Taron Lexton, Gregg Bishop, Don Coscarelli, Maurice Marable, Zen Matner, Julien Samson, Sebastien Grousset

PHOTOGRAPHERS David LaChappell, Alex Farnum, Ty Milford, Tim Tadder,  Jeff Minton, Wynn Ruji, Tom Munroe, Todd MacMillan, Autumn DeWilde, Patrick Ecclesine

WORK EXPERIENCE CA, NY, GA, TN, FL, OR, NV, CO, Vancouver, Toronto, Rome, Verona, Venice, Milan | Local 800 ADG


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